Facts about Acer Ferrari 5000

The Acer Ferrari 5000 style of build is enormously essential as it has incredibly a masculine look with its carbon-fibre lid, red and black color scheme and yellow Ferrari badge slip. Ferrari 5000’s striking start up noise of F1 engine for windows gives a good back to reality. Its chassis has been built around a 15.4 inches screen with a dimension of 38mm thick, 271mm deep and 364 mm wide. The Ferrari weighs 3Kg only, which comforts a short distance carry over. It comprises of 2 USB 2.0 ports with LAN and VGA ports. It do have a Kensington lock with a modem and a PC card and An Express card Slots.

Acer Ferrari 5000 Front

Acer Ferrari 5000 has a processor type of Turion 64X2 TL-60 with a clock speed of 2GHz manufactured by AMD with DDR2-PC5300 technology. Unfortunately, the TL-60 is a pretty toasty processor with a thermal rating of 35W and our prime impression of the Ferrari 5000 is of the cooling fan cutting in and out every few seconds, even during the smallest Windows desktop duties. System performance is aided with the use of 2GB of 667MHz DDR2 memory, which runs in a dual-channel mode. Socket 754 AMD processors run its memory with a single-channel mode. This Acer Ferrari has a huge RAM capacity of 2048 MB with availability of maximum RAM support up to 4GB. Acer Ferrari 5000 has a Data bus speed up to 2000 MHz and comprise of ATI Xpress 1150 Chipset. The next to talk on the Hard Drive type that Ferrari does have is the Seagate SATA with a max size of 160 GB.

Acer Ferrari 5000 Notebook

A fast look round the sides the notebook shows a letterbox style DVD rewriter, Sockets for Ethernet, modem, audio, Firewire and a PC card slot. The optical storage system of Ferrari is worth to be noted as it have Slot-loading Dual layer CD/DVD type and the read, write and rewrite speed of this slot is of 24x/8x. There are 4 USB Ports two at the rear and two at left edge. Infrared ports along with Bluetooth ports are also available. On the left there are a built in 56 K modem, Express Card slots and a Kensington Lock. And on the front of the chassis is a card reader, audio jacks with headphone S/PDIF, infrared port, a four-pin Wirefire and control switches for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

The Ferrari does not miss the other normal input and output devices like a curved shaped keyboard with a comfortable key in. But one fault with the layout of this is that the enter key is seen only outside the Page up/page down keys. The screen resolution of this Ferrari is with max external resolution of 1680×1050 and instead of integrated graphics there is a Graphics processor of Mobility Radeon x 1600 and this includes a 265 MB DDR3 memory. The video outputs of Ferrari are D-sub, HDMI, S-Video. The Acer Ferrari 5000 uses TFT active Matrix with the Display diagonal size of 15.4 inches.

Acer Ferrari 5000 Laptop

The Acer Ferrari 5000 has a Li-ion batter 7800 m AH Battery capacity and it works with a life time up to 3 hours. It comes with Microsoft Windows XP and Professional Edition SP2. Acer Ferrari 5000 is equipped with VoIP phone with Acer Bluetooth accessories

Acer Ferrari-5000

At the rear side of the Ferrari 5000 are the docking connector, S-video and the HDMI. It does include an HDMI-to-DVI cable. This Ferrari does not even miss a beautiful accessory of a webcam with 1.3 mega pixel.

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